PlayStation 4 Repair

Professional PlayStation 4 repairs in just 3-5 working days. PS4 repairs include a warranty for added peace of mind.

Each PS4 repair is conducted at modern repair centres.

The team have access to the necessary tools and replacement parts to carry out PS4 repairs.

Most problems with your console can be repaired at an affordable price.

Blue Light of Death Repair | RLOD Repair | PS4 Laser Replacement | PS4 HDMI Replacement | PS4 Drive Mechanism Replacement

PS4 Repair

PS4 repairs by skilled technicians who utilise spare parts and tools to swiftly repair your PS4 to your a functioning condition again.

The staff always aim to offer a great customer experience for PS4 repairs and this is demonstrated by the positive feedback that they receive from the general public and businesses throughout the UK.

PlayStation 4 repairs aim to be economical and in the vast majority of cases, a repair is considerably less than a replacement games console.

To book a PS4 repair with the friendly team, just the enquiry form displayed for a quick response by email or phone.

Alternatively please call the independent service centre for further help.

The staff do not repair PS4 accessories e.g. dualshock controllers.

Sony PlayStation 4 repair

PlayStation 4 Repair Service

The best selling game console in the United Kingdom, the PlayStation 4 is a powerhouse in terms of graphics, performance and exclusive content.

With popular games such as Call of Duty, Battlefield, Minecraft, FIFA and Bloodborne, it's a fantastic entertainment device used by people of all ages.

Faults can occur with your PS4 however due to general wear and tear or accidental damage from drops and knocks onto hard surfaces.

Luckily the independent service centres can help with a PS4 repair.

Most problems with your PS4 can be repaired by the team including:

• Red light of death
• PS4 not reading games
• PS4 disk jammed
• Hard drive fault
• HDMI port replacement

These are just some of the common PS4 problems that can be repaired by the team and they offer an inspection service.

The PS4 repair service is hassle-free as a courier service can be arranged from your location.

For a no obligation quote in regards to PS4 repairs, just complete the website form with your contact information and a brief description of the fault you're having with your game console. You can also phone the number shown.


Is a warranty supplied with PS4 repairs?

Yes each PS4 repair by the independent repair centres comes with a warranty.

This covers any spare components fitted by the technicians.

If your games console is covered by the limited warranty, please contact Sony directly for assistance.

I don't know the issue with my PlayStation 4?

The team offer an inspection service which can swiftly identify issues with your games console.

The repair centres can then advise you on the reason for the fault and if a PS4 repair is possible.

What is the average turnaround time for PS4 repairs ?

Most PlayStation 4 repairs are completed within 3-5 working days.

This includes collection, repair and return of your games console to your home or workplace.

In unusual cases, a PS4 repair can take longer (additional faults founded or parts need sourcing), in which case, the team shall inform you of the issue.

Will data loss occur during a PlayStation 4 repair service?

Whilst the team offering PS4 repairs, aim to prevent data loss, this can't be guaranteed, especially for firmware repairs.

In some cases the HDD is beyond economic repair and the only solution is a replacement hard drive which can be installed by the team.

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Recent Enquiries

hi,it seems as though my ps4 hdmi port isn't working. it seems as though everything else is fine, at times the ps4 screen flickers onto the screen for a second but then stays black. how much does this repair normally cost?


hi my ps4 pro has an extremely loud fan, has been this way for a while. only seeks to increase in loudness when playing a game. would you be able to give me a general idea of how much it would cost to repair?sean

Sean Yezagelian

looking for a quote for a replacement hdmi outpout for playstation 4

Colin Burkinshaw

my ps4 disc drive wont read

michael kalmar

ps4 is stuck in a safe mode loop. wont accept update file from usb drive.

Thomas O'Neill

my sons ps4 is in safe mode. we have googled what to do and tried everything it wont work. it is just over a year old. how much will it cost me to repair this.


i emailed you a while ago regarding a software issue where my daughter's ps4 which would not update.i now also need my son's fixing, his will not access system storage after a small amount of water being knocked over it.

Sean deards

dualshock repair pls. my controller keeps on dosconnecting ever since I happened to unplugged my ps4 accidentally while still not turned off. ever since my ps4 controller keeps on disconnecting via bluetooth. I tried every troubleshooting to restart it but still the same

Kairon M. Fernandez