Sony Camcorder Repair

Professional Sony camcorder repairs .

Affordable Sony camcorder repairs with a fast turnaround times. The national repair centre has extensive experience in the repair and servicing of Sony camcorders from businesses and residents.

Sony camcorder repairs for out of warranty models using high quality replacement parts and specialist equipment.

Arrange your Sony camcorder repair with the online form for a fast response by phone or email shortly. Alternatively please call the customer service department to discuss your requirements.

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Sony Camcorder Repairs

Professional Sony camcorder repairs at a national repair centre.

Most models of Sony camcorder are quickly repaired subject to availability of high quality parts and extent of damage.

The technicians are specialists in the repair of digital and analog Sony camcorders.

Every Sony camcorder repaired is fully fault tested and covered by a warranty covering parts and labour for your peace of mind.

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Call us now during business hours for a prompt response to camcorder repairs. Alternatively complete the camcorder form with your contact details, camcorder model and a short description of the problem.

The friendly team will contact you back as soon as possible via phone and email.

Sony camcorder repair

Sony Video Camera Repair Service

The Sony camcorder repairs are fast and reliable. Entry level consumer camcorders and professional Sony camcorders can be expertly repaired by the fully trained technicians.

The expertise, competitive pricing, friendly customer service and investment into Sony repair equipment puts the team at the forefront in Sony camcorder repairs.

Common Sony camcorder models repaired include:

• DCR-SR52
• DCR-SR32
• DCR-VX2100
• DCR-VX2000
• DSR-PD170
• DSR-PD150
• HVR-V1
• HVR-Z1
• HVR-A1

These are just some of the Sony camcorder models at the large repair centre. The professional team is happy to also repair any Sony camcorder with a DSR or DCR prefix as well as top end commercial models used in the media industry.

The types of camcorder problems repaired at the workshops include:

• LCD screen broken
• Firewire faulty
• Tapes not ejecting or rewinding
• Blurry or fuzzy imagery on playback
• Not recording
• Housing replacement
• Charging problems

These are just a few of the Sony camcorder repairs that the experts offer as they have access to the best diagnostic equipment available in the industry.

The staff offer a national service via insured couriers who will securely transport your camcorder to the fully equipped repair centre.

Book your out of warranty Sony camcorder repairs

For fast camcorder repairs the team can help. Call the camcorder repair department via the number provided during business hours or fill in the camcorder form a fast response via phone and email.


My Sony camcorder has a faulty LCD screen?

The experienced technicians providing Sony camcorder repairs can replace the damaged housing and faulty LCD screen on your Sony camcorder with high quality replacement parts.

My Sony camcorder is no longer recording?

The national repair centre for Sony camcorder repairs can help with no recording and playback issues on your Sony camcorder.

My Sony Handycam got wet and will not turn on?

The team provide Sony camcorder repairs involving water damage but this is quite often a complex repair because the water shorts out microprocessors.

Extensive parts replacement for water damaged camcorders is often necessary.

Does the team repair and service professional Sony camcorders?

Yes the modern repair centre has undertaken Sony camcorder repairs from a number of businesses and throughout the UK.

Previous clients include The BBC, insurance companies and major high street retailers.

Please get in touch with the experienced team for further information on Sony camcorder repair .

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Recent Enquiries

the lcd display on my dcr-sr32e seems to have broken. it does not display anything and just has wavy lines all across it upon turining the camcorder on. I would liek to enquire how mich it would roughly cost to repair / replace the screen, so that the camcorder is fucntionable again.thanks


the camcorder battery will not re charge.

Brian Henderson

my x sony dcr-hc27 camcorder tape recoder tape holder won't retract. had not used it for 3 years. please advise cost and if worth repairing.

Richard Bland

when you play tape in camcorder it is all fuzzy lines if you look through the lens and it is also fuzzy when I plug the lead to the tv I have put tape cleaners in and it is better but still doing it guessing it may be tape heads

Jane Munro

sony hd1000e the fault is the camcorder does not play cassetes on the camcorder thanksali shah

Ali Shah